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Yankees Newly Acquired J.A. Happ Down With Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease

The New York Yankees newest pitcher addition J.A. Happ reported Tuesday to Yankees stadium and told trainer Steve Donahue of blisters on his hands who then told Brian Cashman about Happ’s concern. He was then sent to a local hospital in the afternoon and was later diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. According to general manager Brian Cashman, the disease is mild.

This disease is generally diagnosed in kids younger than five and it is not clear how did Happ contract that. The only logical guess made by Yankees was that he might have gotten it while traveling from Toronto to New York.

“He doesn’t have any idea and there’s a lot of speculation, but I don’t think you guys are going to get any answers,” Cashman said. “He flew commercially from the Midwest to here, so I don’t know if it’s possible that something on the way happened. No one is going to really have an answer to it other than just guessing.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hand, foot and mouth disease spreads when people come in contact with an infected person’s blister fluid or when the person who has it coughs or sneeze. The symptoms of the hand, foot and mouth disease include fever, mouth sores, and a skin rash.

“I can only convey to you what our internist who evaluated Happ conveyed to me,” Cashman told reporters. “He feels currently this is a mild case, but he’ll stay connected.

“We’ll be in a better position [Wednesday] to evaluate whether this is towards the tail end of this thing or if it’s ramping up.”

It is not confirmed that he will be sent to the disabled list or not yet, but the Yankees will monitor his recovery in coming days. He is scheduled to start against Red Sox at Fenway Park on Saturday, but in case the disease gets severe the Yankees have a back up in shape of Lance Lynn, who was traded last Monday from Minnesota Twins.




“If everything is as it is now, he probably would be able to go on Saturday. But it’s to be determined,” Cashman said. “So, we’re taking all the necessary precautions.”

One on the New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard also recently contracted the hand, foot and mouth disease, who has been on DL since July 22nd and is expected to return on Wednesday. Syndergaard was working at a kid’s camp during his All-Star break and Mets believe that he must have contracted the hand, foot and mouth disease from there. The day after the camp Syndergaard pitched five innings against Yankees in Yankees Stadium. His pitching velocity went noticeably down later in the game and he reported of feeling blisters on his hands and then was diagnosed with the hand, foot and mouth disease.

To keep the other Yankees from getting the same disease the team has added more hand sanitizers all around the clubhouse.

Happ has debuted with Yankees in their Sunday’s game against Kansas City Royals. Where Happ threw six innings of three-hit ball in a win over the opponent.


Gary Sanchez & Luis Severino Sluggish Performances Cost Yankees A Loss Against The Rays

Monday night game loss against Rays was a fruit of Gary Sanchez and Luis Severino’s lack of participation in the game. Both players admit they could have done better and are ashamed of what came forth due to their sluggish performances.

Gary Sanchez let slip one of the key players of the Rays. Jake Bauers who made a three-run homer and scored enough to make the win with some of his best baserunning, resulting in the loss 7-6 Yankees had to face on Monday Night.

On seeing his inactive performance Manager Aaron Boone is looking to replay the game’s video and Sanchez might be in for a serious talk with him.

“We always address our players. I want him running at that smooth clip. Part of that is getting out of the box.”

He also said the following talking about his lack of participation in the game:

“He’s got to find his gait quickly. And he should be able to do that now,”

The Yankees were doing great in the ninth inning loading it with bases against Jose Alvarado then Brett Gardner singled, Aaron Judge walked then came Giancarlo Stanton who intentionally walked. After Aaron Hicks forceful hits, Alvarado got his first save when Sanchez walked off slow on the ground. The player knows he is been lacking and admits that he could have done better:

“I should have run harder,” Sanchez said.

“I could have done a better job there for sure running,” he said “I hit the ball well. When the play developed, and I saw the runner safe at second base, I tried to beat the play, but I couldn’t.”

The player is also hopeful for the future and looks to get better and perform better in upcoming games:

“You learn a lot in this game,” Sanchez said through a translator. “This is one of those instances where you learn from it. You put it behind and look forward to tomorrow.”

Tampa Bay Rays took an easy 1-0 lead due to Bauers aggressive scoring and his two-out double in the first inning all while, Sanchez was jogging on the grounds. Sanchez slowly chased the ball allowing Bauers to score as the ball bounced away in the foul territory.

“That’s another instance there, if I would have done a better job being quicker, getting that ball, maybe we have a chance to get him out at home,” Sanchez said. “That’s my fault.”

At least he knows it’s his fault.

Bauers easily made 4-1 with his sixth homer in the fifth inning.

Luis Severino who has struck out eight reaching 504 in his career joining Al Downing (644) and Lefty Gomez (511), the only Yankees who have stricken out more than 500 before turning 25, also played a major role on Monday Night’s lose. He allowed seven runs in 11 hits during five and more innings.

“I thought I saw three fingers,” Severino said, believing Sanchez was asking him to throw a slider. “He told me, ‘No, I called one.'”

“I think the story of the game is we scored seven runs on a Luis Severino start,” Rays manager Kevin Cash said.

New York has gone 13-13 and Yankees have fell six games behind in AL East.

Manny Machado Trade-off signs Slimming Down To Almost Zero: The Player On A Lookout For A better Suitor

Looks Like Manny Machado will not be wearing pinstripes anytime soon, the young All-star player prefers to be placed on his current position as a shortstop or at least third baseman. According to Orioles, the Yankees do not have the need of Machado as the other teams do.

The Brewers, Dodgers, and Phillies have better chances at Landing Machado as they have his desired place as a third baseman open for him while on the other hand Yankees don’t need third basemen but better pitchers. Not only did the Yankees haven’t increased their offers like other team but they also didn’t show much interest in taking Justus Sheffield or Clint Frazier in a deal along with Manny Machado.

Nevertheless, Yankees are still trying their best to nail this trade-off if possible. In a recent tweet, the All-Star Aroldis Chapman along with his fellow All-stars Gleyber Torres and Luis Severino also added Manny Machado into the picture giving in to the trading rumors. Aside from that Aaron judge has also mentioned to Machado that he will look good in pinstripes. He told the reporters:

“Adding him to our lineup that we already got would be something special. I told him he’d look good in pinstripes.”


Major League Baseball even issued a statement warning, “We have been in contact with the Yankees. They communicated to us that Mr. Judge’s off-the-cuff comments were not appropriate and not authorized by the club. They will speak to him to make sure that this does not happen again.”

Then there is this phone call between Aaron judge and Brian Cashman who tried his best to tell Judge that his comment to Machado might not be happening anytime soon.

“[Cashman] gave me a refresher that MLB’s sensitive to that kind of stuff,” Judge said at George M. Steinbrenner Field. “That’s about it.”

“I reached out to Aaron to make sure he got the full perspective, obviously clearly from Baltimore’s perspective as well,” Cashman said. “There’s certainly no intentions on creating any difficulties for everybody. I made sure Aaron understood the commissioner’s perspective on it. He does.”


Besides dodger have a better chance of acquiring their interest because they have a better offer, by all means, Yusniel Diaz.

“That would be a good get for the Orioles. I can’t see any of the other teams offering a better prospect than [Diaz]. He has huge tools, is young and has had great performance this year. His walk-to-strikeout ratio is really impressive.”

Diaz, 21, was hitting .314 with a .905 OPS at Double-A with 41 walks and 39 strikeouts.

Despite that the Machado’s Nephew also wants to see him play for Yankees, mentioned in a recent report, the chances of that actually happening is sliming down to almost none. Also, more than third baseman Yankees need more ace pitchers, potentially available starters are Michael Fulmer, Cole Hamles and J.A. Happ.

Here the Manager Aaron Boone’s take on trade and upgrading his team before the deadline:

“Honestly, I don’t have an expectation,” said Yankees manager Aaron Boone, “I know Cash and the guys are turning over every leaf, kicking tires on everything and I’m sure making proposals and counters and all that.

“So, I know we’re going to try,” Boone said. “It comes down to, does it make the most sense for us … in the short term and long term? As I’ve said before it takes two to tango and if the right deal comes about, I think we’ll make it. But I don’t think anything’s certain.”

Yankees Setting Sights On Manny Machado For Trade

With Gleyber Torres in DL Yankees is looking around for trade possibilities to build their strength. In a recent update, it has been informed that Yankees are taking an interest in trading Manny Machado, third baseman, and shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball.

But before any steps are taken there are a lot of factors that should be considered so that a case like Ohtani’s is never repeated. The Yankees were all focused on Ohtani and were getting off track from the game which backfired at Yankees. Ohtani was a great trade-off material but Yankees had to instead choose Stanton.

However, their need for a good starter only grew larger with Stanton being on the team they were stronger but where they were already good enough. Recently The Yankees have sat down to take a final decision on trade possibilities and all the ups and down they’ll have to face in this deal.

On asking Brian Cashman nothing more than the following has been reported on his interest in Baltimore Star Manny Machado:

the Yankees general manager said: “I don’t think third base is a problem. I think it is a strength, not only with [Miguel] Andujar, but with [Brandon] Drury in the wings. And I would argue if all hell broke loose, Gleyber Torres could go there as well. Get your cheap Yankees tickets from BBTIX.com and enjoy the match.

“I don’t think third base is a problem. Actually, I know we don’t have a problem there.”

Machado has just turned 26 and had been named the all-star for his fourth time. Even though he has undergone a knee surgery in 2014 it has never affected his productiveness. Though he is a shortstop, he has been a third baseman and he has been great in it. Also, Alex Rodriguez and Stanton have switched positions to play for the Yankees so can Machado plus if the trade does happen he doesn’t have much of a choice anyway. Unlike Stanton does not have a no-trade protection. He owns about $7 millions of his $16 million salary which is expected to go down to $5 million if the trade is further delayed by Baltimore Orioles.

The Yankees have a budget of $181 million and hopefully, they can get the player of their choice. Other than that, Machado will be a free agent soon and it limits the expectations of Baltimore to get in exchange for him since he will be a rental.

Besides Yankees, the other teams that are showing interest in Machado are The Dodgers, Diamondbacks, Brewers, Indians, and Phillies. What effects this trade most is the fact that the Orioles have long shown disinterest in trading their players with other AL East teams specifically Yankees. And there is also the possibility that Machado gets set on being Shortstop then Yankees will have to reconsider their decision.

The Orioles might be wanting to increase the bidding with broadcasting Yankees’ interest in Manny Machado. What left unseen is if Yankees will be able to get a hold on Machado or not. As seen before with Stanton, everyone thought it was impossible at that time too, but they acquired him anyway. Let us hope for the best and see what happens next.

Kyle Higashioka’s 3-Homers Making History While Gleyber Torres went to DL

In a recent game against Atlanta Braves the Yankees built a great win 6-2. There is been some of best performances from Yankee Player among which Kyle Higashioka’s 3 straight Home runs from first hit are the most prominent.

The 28-year-old Yankees Catcher made history on Wednesday he became the first player to hit 3 homeruns in a line since Colorado Trevor in 2016. Higashioka has hit only 5 homers in 183 at-bats this season while he had a 21-homer record in 2016.

“I couldn’t have imagined it like that, but I’m just glad that they’re contributing to wins,” said Higashioka, “After the first one, I definitely was able to relax a little more. Now, I just feel like I’m sticking to my approach, taking some good swings. It’s coming together a little bit.”

Since Austin Romine is on rest due to his hamstring injury Higashioka has done a great job at building good stats for The Yankees. Even Aaron Boone was impressed by his performance on Wednesday.

“He’s been known for that power, organizationally speaking. We view him in that light, even though he hasn’t necessarily hit for it down there. The power’s in there,” manager Aaron Boone said. “Do you expect a guy to come up as the third catcher and hit three home runs right away? Maybe not necessarily, but I wouldn’t say the power is honestly a surprise.”

“[It’s] really impressive, and much-needed with [Romine] being a little banged up,” Boone said. “Leaning on him again, day game after a night game, comes out and hits another homer. One thing he does really, really well is receive, and we can see that each and every game.

“Just another guy, really, in a long line of guys that have come up here, not sure what you’re going to get when they get thrusted in there, and another guy that’s gone out there and been productive and helped us win games.”

Couldn’t put it in better words the game was fascinating but what made it most outstanding was obviously Higashioka’s power.

Before the fifth inning, even before The Yankees could take on the stadium Gleyber Torres who has been suffering from hip tightening in Tuesdays’ game was taken out of the game to DL for 10 Days rest. He had to leave the game in between and had an MRI Test. he was put on DL list with a mild hip strain.

“I was excited about how he came in [Tuesday],” Boone said before the game. “I knew he was fine yesterday. I didn’t hesitate to put him in.

Even though he was having difficulties with his hip injury Torres was hitting .294 with a .905 OPS and 15 homers which was .339 with a 1.159 OPS and seven homers before Wednesday, with runners in scoring position. He is being out in DL makes a great impact on Yankees overall performance especially when red sox have already made their lead by one game in AL East.

Nevertheless, The Yankees clearly have backup plans, Neil Walker who has not yet hit balls since eight seasons might get a chance to prove his self during Torres’ absent. Also, there are high chances that Brandon Drury will get some at-bats too. With Torres out and Ronald Torreyes unavailable Tyler Wade surely will be recalled.

Luis Severino Leading Yankees To Victory Against Phillies

Luis Severino has aced his performance and took the Yankees to their heroic victory 0-6 over Philadelphia Phillies. Other than winning AL Cy Young awards we see what more he has up his sleeves on Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park.

Here’s What Aaron Boone has to say about his ace player, “It’s hard for me to imagine anyone better,’’ Boone said that after Severino overpowered the Phillies in a 6-0 Yankees win. The tickets were sold out that day and a massive crowd of more than 43,568 people was gathered at Citizen Bank Park cheer Yankees on. Boone further said, “The record speaks for itself, the ability to get deep into games and he has been really good against the elite competition. He has put himself in the conversation about the best in the game, no doubt about it.’’

It’s not possible for anyone who have seen Severino crashing Phillies one by one to not consider him one of the best players on any of the MLB Teams.

Providing seven shutout innings, he allowed six hits also, didn’t walk a batter and fanned nine. The record mentioned by Boone in his comment stirred to 12-2 and his ERA fell to 2.10.

Severino worked his way without the slider in the early innings and conquered with a fastball which was recorded to be in triple digits in his last innings and was found at different parts of the strike zone.

“In the first and second innings, [the slider] wasn’t that good,’’ Severino said. “But it got better.’’

Grateful to Aaron hicks for driving Jake Arrieta’s third pitch over to the center-field fence by the time slider surfaced, Severino was already leading with 1-0. The score further rose due to the flawed throw from the second baseman Cesar Hernandez of Phillies which earned Yankees three runs in the third inning while Gleyber Torres had a two-run single. Hick’s sacrificial fly in the fourth inning caused a big increase of a 5-0 in Austin Romine score and then in the start of the fifth inning Didi Gregorius’ 15th home run finished the match.

The long turned two-team completion of Yankees and Red Sox also saw great changes due to this straight second victory, as they now lead Red Sox by one-half length in AL East. While Red Sox will be joining Yankees, this weakened at Yankee Stadium for three games it will be no surprise if Boone hand over the ball to Severino and there is no question to Severino’s outstanding performance and besides he will have four days before he starts.

According to Boone “there is a chance of that happening’’ and Severino will delightedly receive the offer to go against the Red Sox in front of a National TV audience.

“If they ask me I will be ready,’’ Severino commenting on pitching against the Red Sox but he precisely said that it’ll be pitching coach Larry Rothschild and Boone’s call obviously because they are giving the orders. “I am not scared of anybody.’’ He said and there is no particular reason to be anyway. He has faced three Phillis straight ahead along with runner in scoring position and didn’t allow even a single hit what he’s got to be afraid of.

“It was the middle of the seventh and he was still throwing a hundred mph,’’ said Giancarlo Stanton, who passed 2-5 and pick up his batting average to .268. “That’s a tough day for the completion.’’

And if we talk being the best starter in the Baseball, Severino certainly takes the lead. Exactly the same in the matter of the All-Star Game.

“I have to wait until the season is over. We have a lot of season coming,’’ said Severino, who came third in the AL Cy Young race in last season and he was 14-6 with a 2.98 ERA in 31 starts.

By the end of the June, he is only two victories behind his last season’s total wins and has 0.88 lower ERA than the last year at the end of the regular season. Anyhow, even in the seventh inning, his fastball came in good comparison to Aroldis Chapman’s. there is absolutely no wonder why Boone considers him his best guy.

Gleyber Torres Took The Decision to Skip Derby

Gleyber Torres expressed that he is not much of a fan on competing in the Home Run Derby and says that he won’t be Participating in it next month, though many of the people outside New York might not agree on this but this is a serious loss for baseball.

According to recent reports he says, “I’m not a home-run hitter,” he told that “I’m a contact hitter” when his team was about to continue its series against the Mariners at Yankee Stadium.

Even though there aren’t any confirmations yet of either Major League Baseball was going to add Torres in 2018 Derby list or not, still many of baseball fans would have liked if Torres had shown even a little interest towards it.

Gleyber Torres Took The Decision to Skip Derby

Also, we believe MLB Should consider Torres for Derby list because as far as his homers are concerned he is doing great so far specially through Tuesday’s game his 14 home runs have awarded him with a decent 26th place in baseball along with other 11 players. Torres gives off many reasons to be considered for Derby list like:

To begin with, Torres has aced the numerical case like throughout the Tuesday’s game no one else has as much as plate appearances (192) than him also no one come close to the number of homers he has. Plus, Torres’s average home run distance of 404 feet depicts how much power this man possesses.

And Secondly, the Derby, which has become increasingly able to be looked at after brushing up their rules in 2015, should not be featuring the season’s top eight homer leaders. Its prime focus should be on entertainment That’s why as per Seattle manager Scott Servais suggestion on MLB Network Radio on Wednesday, MLB should think about putting the fabulous Ichiro Suzuki on the list, he is released by the Mariners but not retired.

Aaron judge the defending champion also won’t be participating in the years Derby competition after his serious shoulder injury from the last Derby session, even though he was not in the disabled list, but he did go through a hard time and even have had a shoulder surgery after the Yankees lost to Houston in American League Championship. However, Judge says he wouldn’t discourage any of his team mates to join the Derby.

“I had a blast doing it. I really enjoyed it,” Judge said. “But the ultimate decision comes down whether they want to do it or not.”

Gleyber Torres Took The Decision to Skip Derby

Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone has seen the Derby several times being an ESPN analyst. On asking him about If he would be troubled if any of his players entered the competition, he said, “I think that’s an individual thing. I wouldn’t stand in the way. If a guy was hurt or something, I may not want him to, but for the most part, I’d be OK with it.”

Although it was not Judge’s intention but his incident from last year’s Derby have silenced many of the Derby encouragers who simply dismissed the notion that competing carries risks. The Yankee’s right fielder even has the scar as a proof to the shortcomings of moving things up a notch for sports even if it’s for just one day.

So, it is completely understandable if Torres does not want to lose his swing that have taken him to the place he is at now. you can guess how successful he is in baseball from Aaron Boone putting him fifth this Wednesday against Venezuelan Felix Hernandez, who is a right-hander. Before that Boone have been putting him at ninth place for the right handers.

“I really like him a lot of days with our lineup in the nine hole and I can visualize him going back into that slot,” Boone said. “With Brett Gardner down with right knee and Aaron Hicks getting up there against the righty, I just like how it lined up today.”

Boones probably would not mind if Torres stays fixated on his decision to skip Derby and chances are that he soon will be joining Aaron Judge. Luis Severino and most likely Aroldis Chapman for All-Star Game. On Wednesday, Torres was third in the American League along with suspended Mariner and former Yankee member Robinson Cano with 1.8 Wins according to Baseball-Reference.com.

A classic presence in the mid of the summer might be satisfactory for Torres and Yankees but the fans would have loved to see Torres in the Derby and I believe you would have liked it too!

Another UBC Baseball Player Nominated From MLB Draft By New York Yankees

Another Player generated by the UBC that stick out for the Major League Baseball to take notice.

This Wednesday, The New York Yankees selected a notable baseball player, Mitch Robinson from the MLB drafts in the 21st round.

Seeing his name on the draft board he happily said, “It just feels amazing, I can’t really put it into words,” He added, “I’ve worked a long time for it, it validates that hard work does pay off and it just feels really good and I’m really excited.”


Robinson with a 6ft 3 inches height and 200-pounds of weigh has led the Thunderbirds with a .361 batting average in straight 52 games during 2017 to 2018. He is also named the All-NAIA West team and also has won a Cascade Collegiate Conference Gold Glove Award with a .926 receiving percentage.

Its always been a rewarding moment for not only the student but for the entire baseball federation for a UBC player to be as presentable to be selected for Major League Baseball Draft.

Robinson is the 22nd baseball player to be selected in MLB draft from the time UBC started their baseball program in 1997 for the selection od MLB Drafts. Also, he is the first player to be take ever since Port Coquitlam’s Curtis Taylor, and Alex Webb, a native of White Rock, were selected in 2016.

UBC Head Coach Chris Pritchett said, “To see a great player like Mitchell, and an even better person, get a chance to go to an organization like the New York Yankees and have a shot to chase their dreams is hard to put into words, but obviously I’m really happy for him,” further he also said, “He continued to work hard on his play at third base, he earned this. Denis Boucher, the Yankees scout in Canada, saw that and pushed for him and wanted to give him a shot. I think Mitchell’s going to be a good pro and he’ll be a great Yankee.”


Robinson, a Clayton Heights Secondary School’s produce in fact had dropped out from a senior division I university of United States to return to UBC, which proves all the progresses this program has made in all these years.
“It’s incredible, we have the best facilities, the coaches are first class, you can’t ask for anything better,” said Robinson.

“I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Yankee organization, they’re first class, they do everything right and I’m just fortunate to get an opportunity with them.”

Robinson stood one of 19 Canadians to be nominated in the draft, counting catcher Noah Naylor, who got picked in the first round by the Cleveland Indians. More players selected from UBC include North Vancouver’s Will McAffer and Surrey’s Damiano Palmegiani (picked by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 25th and 35th rounds, respectively), and White Rock’s David Rhodes (taken in the 40th round by the Seattle Mariners).

The Yankees And Their Disturbed Schedule

Yesterday’s Game of NY Yankees against Houston astros went rather smoothly with a 5-1 decision and with Boston Red Sox winning against blue jays with an 8-3. it is obvious that the New York is about to see two games from its own division.

Everyone more or so was aware this would happen and a match between division was set prior time. By now it must have become clear top you that the NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox are scheduled to be up against each other real soon and the team with chances of wining gets changed every few days. Also, you must have known that Boston have had easier opponents throughout the season this year than that of Yankees.


If you are thinking this way, then you are probably correct. After both of the teams have done with their games this Monday the Boston Red Sox have completed 54 games so far on the other hand NY Yankees are 4 games behind with complete 50 games including two third of a game against the national that has been ruined due to rain.

The NY Yankees have had a rougher schedule at their hands with 47% of opponents with fine winning records as compared to that Boston had just 33.3%. there is no doubt if you are thinking it has become easy for Bostons to defeat the Orioles or Rays every coming season. Because they have already been up against these two weaker teams 7 and 14 times already this season. About 40% of the games up against these two weaker teams with Boston are considered to be the easiest wins in all AL East and in the case of Baltimore, the weakest in the total confederation.
Coming to the Yankees’ schedule, they are almost in the middle of their last series in defending against world series champions and by the time of tomorrow they’ll be over with this season series after the match with Houston and Red Sox on the other hand will still have seven games to be defended against Al West Champions. The Yankees also have had their first ever experience with Cleveland (.510 W%) and the sneaky-good Athletics (.528) and have finished their season series with the Angels (.537) this past weekend.

The most noticeable thing in all this that the Yankees at one hand playing against the best team and second, they are winning almost all of them. In the 24 games against .500 or better opponents, New York has gone 16-8 – a .666 winning percentage, nearly alike to their full season W% – while Boston has a record of 10-8, a .555 W% against “quality” teams. Nevertheless, this makes it clear that the Yankees can handle any team in baseball, and that Boston may be a little over stepped when it comes to the big shots in MLB.

The toughest share of the Yankee schedule is practically ended, and they’ll get their chance against Detroit, as well as two series respectively set against Baltimore and Tampa formerly the All-Star Break. Contrary to that, the Red Sox get the very good Seattle Mariners twice, Washington and Anaheim once each, and a four-game scheduled with the Astros before the midsummer classic.

The Yankees will still have to go up against the bad teams, of course. The Schedule is not the most important thing here, if you split a series with the Marlins or drop three of four at home to Baltimore. You need to win against the teams you are set against, but with the big shots in the AL behind them for the most part, it looks like the Yankees may have an upper hand on their sworn enemy for the time being.

Good Day to Yankees – New York City has not been Kind to Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani went 0-for-2 with two strikeouts and two walks this Sunday as the Los Angeles Angels faced a great 3-1 loss to the Yankees.

New York city has not been kind to Shohei Ohtani.

He was surrounded by bad luck as he failed to produce even a single hit, Didn’t got to pitch and his team has to face the misfortune of losing the game from Yankees. His first ever trip to Yankee Stadium proved to be a disaster.
After once facing Masahiro Tanaka, it was Ohtani’s first chance to prove himself which he totally blew out. Once before in Japan, 2013 Ohtani was 0-11 with six strikeouts, though at that time he was just a 19 years old boy. In the first inning, Ohtani swung through a 3-2 split-finger fastball. In the fourth, Tanaka walked him, and the right-hander struck him out in the sixth with another splitter.

new york yankees

This time around Tanaka made his meet the fate to strike out without making a single hit, Ohtani went 0-2 with a walk against the Masahiro Tanaka and is now 0- -13 with two walks in all competition against Tanaka.
“Obviously, he’s not an easy out,” Tanaka said. “He’s very selective. I got two outs from him today, but it wasn’t easy.”

Tanaka obviously handled the dual-star hitter and pitcher, well enough to make him walk out of the stadium without being able to make a good impact.

“I knew he was a good pitcher,” Ohtani said through a translator. “I think he proved that today on the field, but I’m more upset that we lost.”

Ohtani had to face many catcalls for a whole weekend due to his lose against Yankees this Sunday. Originally the plan was to present Ohtani as a pitcher against Tanaka not a hitter, but angels made some make shifts calling it a ‘workload management” and Ohtani got scheduled to be a hitter pushing him into a situation which at the end didn’t sit well with him.

“Obviously we were supposed to pitch against each other, but that changed,” Tanaka said through an interpreter. “It ended up with him in the batter’s box, which might have been the real matchup. It might have been a good thing for the fans, as well.”

Shohei Ohtani

Here is take from Ohtani on facing Tanaka:

“I don’t feel like I put too much pressure on myself any day, not even this time around,” Ohtani said.
He would have been seamless for the Yankees, who desperately need another top-flight starting pitcher. But that wasn’t the issue, he took a stand in going without a hit in nine at-bats with five strikeouts.

“I’m not in any position to say if he got better or worse [since we last faced each other], but I feel like he threw more breaking balls this time around than when he was in Japan,” Ohtani said. “It felt a little different because the American pitchers throw mostly fastballs, but he kind of pitched me backward. That felt a little different.”

However all this hassle, worked out well for Yankees.