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Aaron Judge’s Wrist Injury Went Way Past the Yankee’s Anticipated Recovery Time

Aaron Judge, Yankees Slugger had suffered from a chip fracture in his right wrist in one of Yankees games against Kansas City Royals when Jake Junis, Royals’ pitcher struck him. At first, Yankees announced three week period that was expected time slot for Judge’s recovery but now the time has run way past that anticipated time as he is been on DL since 26th of July this season.

Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman expressed his views on this while talking to Mike Francesa from “WFAN 101.9 FM”:

“We thought maybe three weeks would cover it, but it’s going to be longer than that,” Cashman told in an interview. “So, we missed in the time frame.”

“We repeated an MRI the other to get a status. It’s taking longer. Normally, we under promise/over perform where we give an extended round. We thought maybe three weeks would cover it. But it’s going to be longer than that. So, we missed the timeframe. We’ve repeated the MRI just to be certain that there’s nothing new or nothing missed. Everything is as expected. They gave him a cortisone shot to alleviate the pain. So, he was down yesterday. Today, depending on how he feels, he could start potentially progressing.”

According to Marc Carig from “The Athletic Tweets”, it is expected that Judge would return by this season but when this season is still uncertain.

Judge has played approx. 99 games this season and has hit .285/.398/.548 with more than 152 OPS and 26 home runs. According to these rates, Judge is probably the most dynamic hitters of the Major League Baseball so, there is little doubt on whether he is missed or not.

Also, Clint Frazier is still one to be the dismissed with post-concussion symptoms there is hardly a good outfielder in the Yankees right now. Shane Robinson still present on the roster much to coach’s dismay is not enough for a fulfilling job.

And all of this when they are already in a tough spot with the Red Sox leading the AL East. Right now they need only 3.5 games to top Athletics and make the best wild-card spot. And there are three head-to-head road games remaining against the A’s. The Yankees are in a sound danger to become the second best and land on the second spot on wild-card this would mean they would have to play the AL Wild Card Game on the West Coast.

It’ll be best to get Judge back in time for the Oakland series that will be starting from 3rd of September this season but what is more important is his presence at the postseason in his best form if possible. Under any circumstances, the Yankees are faced with a big risk.

“I doubt he hits the ground running,” Cashman said. “I’m sure at times with a check swing here and there, he might have a little issue to deal with and back off and give it a little more time.”

Let’s hope that Aaron Judge will be back in time and everything will take a good turn for the Yankees but what really is about to happen? Only time can tell.

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