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Gary Sanchez & Luis Severino Sluggish Performances Cost Yankees A Loss Against The Rays

Monday night game loss against Rays was a fruit of Gary Sanchez and Luis Severino’s lack of participation in the game. Both players admit they could have done better and are ashamed of what came forth due to their sluggish performances.

Gary Sanchez let slip one of the key players of the Rays. Jake Bauers who made a three-run homer and scored enough to make the win with some of his best baserunning, resulting in the loss 7-6 Yankees had to face on Monday Night.

On seeing his inactive performance Manager Aaron Boone is looking to replay the game’s video and Sanchez might be in for a serious talk with him.

“We always address our players. I want him running at that smooth clip. Part of that is getting out of the box.”

He also said the following talking about his lack of participation in the game:

“He’s got to find his gait quickly. And he should be able to do that now,”

The Yankees were doing great in the ninth inning loading it with bases against Jose Alvarado then Brett Gardner singled, Aaron Judge walked then came Giancarlo Stanton who intentionally walked. After Aaron Hicks forceful hits, Alvarado got his first save when Sanchez walked off slow on the ground. The player knows he is been lacking and admits that he could have done better:

“I should have run harder,” Sanchez said.

“I could have done a better job there for sure running,” he said “I hit the ball well. When the play developed, and I saw the runner safe at second base, I tried to beat the play, but I couldn’t.”

The player is also hopeful for the future and looks to get better and perform better in upcoming games:

“You learn a lot in this game,” Sanchez said through a translator. “This is one of those instances where you learn from it. You put it behind and look forward to tomorrow.”

Tampa Bay Rays took an easy 1-0 lead due to Bauers aggressive scoring and his two-out double in the first inning all while, Sanchez was jogging on the grounds. Sanchez slowly chased the ball allowing Bauers to score as the ball bounced away in the foul territory.

“That’s another instance there, if I would have done a better job being quicker, getting that ball, maybe we have a chance to get him out at home,” Sanchez said. “That’s my fault.”

At least he knows it’s his fault.

Bauers easily made 4-1 with his sixth homer in the fifth inning.

Luis Severino who has struck out eight reaching 504 in his career joining Al Downing (644) and Lefty Gomez (511), the only Yankees who have stricken out more than 500 before turning 25, also played a major role on Monday Night’s lose. He allowed seven runs in 11 hits during five and more innings.

“I thought I saw three fingers,” Severino said, believing Sanchez was asking him to throw a slider. “He told me, ‘No, I called one.'”

“I think the story of the game is we scored seven runs on a Luis Severino start,” Rays manager Kevin Cash said.

New York has gone 13-13 and Yankees have fell six games behind in AL East.

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