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Gleyber Torres Took The Decision to Skip Derby

Gleyber Torres expressed that he is not much of a fan on competing in the Home Run Derby and says that he won’t be Participating in it next month, though many of the people outside New York might not agree on this but this is a serious loss for baseball.

According to recent reports he says, “I’m not a home-run hitter,” he told that “I’m a contact hitter” when his team was about to continue its series against the Mariners at Yankee Stadium.

Even though there aren’t any confirmations yet of either Major League Baseball was going to add Torres in 2018 Derby list or not, still many of baseball fans would have liked if Torres had shown even a little interest towards it.

Gleyber Torres Took The Decision to Skip Derby

Also, we believe MLB Should consider Torres for Derby list because as far as his homers are concerned he is doing great so far specially through Tuesday’s game his 14 home runs have awarded him with a decent 26th place in baseball along with other 11 players. Torres gives off many reasons to be considered for Derby list like:

To begin with, Torres has aced the numerical case like throughout the Tuesday’s game no one else has as much as plate appearances (192) than him also no one come close to the number of homers he has. Plus, Torres’s average home run distance of 404 feet depicts how much power this man possesses.

And Secondly, the Derby, which has become increasingly able to be looked at after brushing up their rules in 2015, should not be featuring the season’s top eight homer leaders. Its prime focus should be on entertainment That’s why as per Seattle manager Scott Servais suggestion on MLB Network Radio on Wednesday, MLB should think about putting the fabulous Ichiro Suzuki on the list, he is released by the Mariners but not retired.

Aaron judge the defending champion also won’t be participating in the years Derby competition after his serious shoulder injury from the last Derby session, even though he was not in the disabled list, but he did go through a hard time and even have had a shoulder surgery after the Yankees lost to Houston in American League Championship. However, Judge says he wouldn’t discourage any of his team mates to join the Derby.

“I had a blast doing it. I really enjoyed it,” Judge said. “But the ultimate decision comes down whether they want to do it or not.”

Gleyber Torres Took The Decision to Skip Derby

Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone has seen the Derby several times being an ESPN analyst. On asking him about If he would be troubled if any of his players entered the competition, he said, “I think that’s an individual thing. I wouldn’t stand in the way. If a guy was hurt or something, I may not want him to, but for the most part, I’d be OK with it.”

Although it was not Judge’s intention but his incident from last year’s Derby have silenced many of the Derby encouragers who simply dismissed the notion that competing carries risks. The Yankee’s right fielder even has the scar as a proof to the shortcomings of moving things up a notch for sports even if it’s for just one day.

So, it is completely understandable if Torres does not want to lose his swing that have taken him to the place he is at now. you can guess how successful he is in baseball from Aaron Boone putting him fifth this Wednesday against Venezuelan Felix Hernandez, who is a right-hander. Before that Boone have been putting him at ninth place for the right handers.

“I really like him a lot of days with our lineup in the nine hole and I can visualize him going back into that slot,” Boone said. “With Brett Gardner down with right knee and Aaron Hicks getting up there against the righty, I just like how it lined up today.”

Boones probably would not mind if Torres stays fixated on his decision to skip Derby and chances are that he soon will be joining Aaron Judge. Luis Severino and most likely Aroldis Chapman for All-Star Game. On Wednesday, Torres was third in the American League along with suspended Mariner and former Yankee member Robinson Cano with 1.8 Wins according to Baseball-Reference.com.

A classic presence in the mid of the summer might be satisfactory for Torres and Yankees but the fans would have loved to see Torres in the Derby and I believe you would have liked it too!

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