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Luis Severino Leading Yankees To Victory Against Phillies

Luis Severino has aced his performance and took the Yankees to their heroic victory 0-6 over Philadelphia Phillies. Other than winning AL Cy Young awards we see what more he has up his sleeves on Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park.

Here’s What Aaron Boone has to say about his ace player, “It’s hard for me to imagine anyone better,’’ Boone said that after Severino overpowered the Phillies in a 6-0 Yankees win. The tickets were sold out that day and a massive crowd of more than 43,568 people was gathered at Citizen Bank Park cheer Yankees on. Boone further said, “The record speaks for itself, the ability to get deep into games and he has been really good against the elite competition. He has put himself in the conversation about the best in the game, no doubt about it.’’

It’s not possible for anyone who have seen Severino crashing Phillies one by one to not consider him one of the best players on any of the MLB Teams.

Providing seven shutout innings, he allowed six hits also, didn’t walk a batter and fanned nine. The record mentioned by Boone in his comment stirred to 12-2 and his ERA fell to 2.10.

Severino worked his way without the slider in the early innings and conquered with a fastball which was recorded to be in triple digits in his last innings and was found at different parts of the strike zone.

“In the first and second innings, [the slider] wasn’t that good,’’ Severino said. “But it got better.’’

Grateful to Aaron hicks for driving Jake Arrieta’s third pitch over to the center-field fence by the time slider surfaced, Severino was already leading with 1-0. The score further rose due to the flawed throw from the second baseman Cesar Hernandez of Phillies which earned Yankees three runs in the third inning while Gleyber Torres had a two-run single. Hick’s sacrificial fly in the fourth inning caused a big increase of a 5-0 in Austin Romine score and then in the start of the fifth inning Didi Gregorius’ 15th home run finished the match.

The long turned two-team completion of Yankees and Red Sox also saw great changes due to this straight second victory, as they now lead Red Sox by one-half length in AL East. While Red Sox will be joining Yankees, this weakened at Yankee Stadium for three games it will be no surprise if Boone hand over the ball to Severino and there is no question to Severino’s outstanding performance and besides he will have four days before he starts.

According to Boone “there is a chance of that happening’’ and Severino will delightedly receive the offer to go against the Red Sox in front of a National TV audience.

“If they ask me I will be ready,’’ Severino commenting on pitching against the Red Sox but he precisely said that it’ll be pitching coach Larry Rothschild and Boone’s call obviously because they are giving the orders. “I am not scared of anybody.’’ He said and there is no particular reason to be anyway. He has faced three Phillis straight ahead along with runner in scoring position and didn’t allow even a single hit what he’s got to be afraid of.

“It was the middle of the seventh and he was still throwing a hundred mph,’’ said Giancarlo Stanton, who passed 2-5 and pick up his batting average to .268. “That’s a tough day for the completion.’’

And if we talk being the best starter in the Baseball, Severino certainly takes the lead. Exactly the same in the matter of the All-Star Game.

“I have to wait until the season is over. We have a lot of season coming,’’ said Severino, who came third in the AL Cy Young race in last season and he was 14-6 with a 2.98 ERA in 31 starts.

By the end of the June, he is only two victories behind his last season’s total wins and has 0.88 lower ERA than the last year at the end of the regular season. Anyhow, even in the seventh inning, his fastball came in good comparison to Aroldis Chapman’s. there is absolutely no wonder why Boone considers him his best guy.

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