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Severino and Sanchez’s Horrible Performance Resulted in Lose 8-2 to the A’s

What could be worse than having a slogging start to the season? The Yankees faced their second loss of the season while playing against A’s. A’s made 4 runs in the initial innings that Yankees couldn’t overcome in the meantime to turn the tables and had to lose the game and the series.

“I want to get rolling, no question about it,” Aaron Boone said. “I think we’re doing some things well, but we’re not certainly rolling like we’re capable of … If we want to get to where we want to go, we’ve got to play better, period.”

How the Yankees are progressing this season is a bit threatening they didn’t do much with bases loaded as well. On the other hand, they did load the bases at the start of the first inning with one out. It was a good sign but was not that great.

Even after loading the bases in the First innings top the ending was not a pleasing situation with Yankees already down 4-0. The crown of the bad pitching of the days goes to both Luis Severino and Gary Sanchez.

The game did not turn out fine even after this and when it finally ended, it ended with Yankees loss of game and series in an 8-2 win for the Athletics.

By the end of the first, from the side of the A’s Ramon Laureano was leading the game with a double. Afterward, Severino made a quick turn back and made a groundout. That is when the things starting going bad between the time of the first and the second out Severino recorded, he allowed two doubles, one single and even threw two wild pitches. And through all of this Sanchez also made his part by giving up two passing balls.

“There were a couple of cross-ups, but at the end of the day they were near the zone and I feel I have the ability to stop them and I didn’t,’’ Sanchez said of the passed balls and wild pitches that aided the A’s victory over Yankees. When the inning was over and done for Yankees were already peeking through the rabbit’s hole.

When the A’s starter Mike Fires settled down a little after allowing the Yankees to load the bases in the first inning, Severino decided somehow to ruin things even more. Moving to the third inning he walked Matt Chapman and then allowed a single to Jed Lowrie before striking out a few at the end of the inning. Severino was done for the day when Stephen Piscotty singles both runners home. Severino went through 2.2 innings in which he allowed six runs on six hits and a walk.

Then Jonathan Holder took his place on the mound to put the end to the third inning and came back in the fourth. He started being careless in the inning and Oakland eventually made an additional run on a Chapman RBI groundout.

The only thing noticeable the Yankees displayed was the impressive defensive play from Adeiny Hechacarria in the fifth.  In the Sixth there was another run from Athletics. The homerun made in the seventh inning was the only great offense by the Yankees the luck was otherwise not on the Yankees’ side on that day with only five hits in the whole day.

Yankees have an off tomorrow before heading up to Seattle for a late night baseball game.



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