The Yankees And Their Disturbed Schedule

Yesterday’s Game of NY Yankees against Houston astros went rather smoothly with a 5-1 decision and with Boston Red Sox winning against blue jays with an 8-3. it is obvious that the New York is about to see two games from its own division.

Everyone more or so was aware this would happen and a match between division was set prior time. By now it must have become clear top you that the NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox are scheduled to be up against each other real soon and the team with chances of wining gets changed every few days. Also, you must have known that Boston have had easier opponents throughout the season this year than that of Yankees.


If you are thinking this way, then you are probably correct. After both of the teams have done with their games this Monday the Boston Red Sox have completed 54 games so far on the other hand NY Yankees are 4 games behind with complete 50 games including two third of a game against the national that has been ruined due to rain.

The NY Yankees have had a rougher schedule at their hands with 47% of opponents with fine winning records as compared to that Boston had just 33.3%. there is no doubt if you are thinking it has become easy for Bostons to defeat the Orioles or Rays every coming season. Because they have already been up against these two weaker teams 7 and 14 times already this season. About 40% of the games up against these two weaker teams with Boston are considered to be the easiest wins in all AL East and in the case of Baltimore, the weakest in the total confederation.
Coming to the Yankees’ schedule, they are almost in the middle of their last series in defending against world series champions and by the time of tomorrow they’ll be over with this season series after the match with Houston and Red Sox on the other hand will still have seven games to be defended against Al West Champions. The Yankees also have had their first ever experience with Cleveland (.510 W%) and the sneaky-good Athletics (.528) and have finished their season series with the Angels (.537) this past weekend.

The most noticeable thing in all this that the Yankees at one hand playing against the best team and second, they are winning almost all of them. In the 24 games against .500 or better opponents, New York has gone 16-8 – a .666 winning percentage, nearly alike to their full season W% – while Boston has a record of 10-8, a .555 W% against “quality” teams. Nevertheless, this makes it clear that the Yankees can handle any team in baseball, and that Boston may be a little over stepped when it comes to the big shots in MLB.

The toughest share of the Yankee schedule is practically ended, and they’ll get their chance against Detroit, as well as two series respectively set against Baltimore and Tampa formerly the All-Star Break. Contrary to that, the Red Sox get the very good Seattle Mariners twice, Washington and Anaheim once each, and a four-game scheduled with the Astros before the midsummer classic.

The Yankees will still have to go up against the bad teams, of course. The Schedule is not the most important thing here, if you split a series with the Marlins or drop three of four at home to Baltimore. You need to win against the teams you are set against, but with the big shots in the AL behind them for the most part, it looks like the Yankees may have an upper hand on their sworn enemy for the time being.

Good Day to Yankees – New York City has not been Kind to Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani went 0-for-2 with two strikeouts and two walks this Sunday as the Los Angeles Angels faced a great 3-1 loss to the Yankees.

New York city has not been kind to Shohei Ohtani.

He was surrounded by bad luck as he failed to produce even a single hit, Didn’t got to pitch and his team has to face the misfortune of losing the game from Yankees. His first ever trip to Yankee Stadium proved to be a disaster.
After once facing Masahiro Tanaka, it was Ohtani’s first chance to prove himself which he totally blew out. Once before in Japan, 2013 Ohtani was 0-11 with six strikeouts, though at that time he was just a 19 years old boy. In the first inning, Ohtani swung through a 3-2 split-finger fastball. In the fourth, Tanaka walked him, and the right-hander struck him out in the sixth with another splitter.

new york yankees

This time around Tanaka made his meet the fate to strike out without making a single hit, Ohtani went 0-2 with a walk against the Masahiro Tanaka and is now 0- -13 with two walks in all competition against Tanaka.
“Obviously, he’s not an easy out,” Tanaka said. “He’s very selective. I got two outs from him today, but it wasn’t easy.”

Tanaka obviously handled the dual-star hitter and pitcher, well enough to make him walk out of the stadium without being able to make a good impact.

“I knew he was a good pitcher,” Ohtani said through a translator. “I think he proved that today on the field, but I’m more upset that we lost.”

Ohtani had to face many catcalls for a whole weekend due to his lose against Yankees this Sunday. Originally the plan was to present Ohtani as a pitcher against Tanaka not a hitter, but angels made some make shifts calling it a ‘workload management” and Ohtani got scheduled to be a hitter pushing him into a situation which at the end didn’t sit well with him.

“Obviously we were supposed to pitch against each other, but that changed,” Tanaka said through an interpreter. “It ended up with him in the batter’s box, which might have been the real matchup. It might have been a good thing for the fans, as well.”

Shohei Ohtani

Here is take from Ohtani on facing Tanaka:

“I don’t feel like I put too much pressure on myself any day, not even this time around,” Ohtani said.
He would have been seamless for the Yankees, who desperately need another top-flight starting pitcher. But that wasn’t the issue, he took a stand in going without a hit in nine at-bats with five strikeouts.

“I’m not in any position to say if he got better or worse [since we last faced each other], but I feel like he threw more breaking balls this time around than when he was in Japan,” Ohtani said. “It felt a little different because the American pitchers throw mostly fastballs, but he kind of pitched me backward. That felt a little different.”

However all this hassle, worked out well for Yankees.